‘Football Crazy, football mad’


Hi all,

Not had time to post recently, the end of term at university and lots of other things on my plate.  However I’m pretty much free from now on, so will be trying to update this regularly.

Where to start regarding what’s been happening recently re: the Euros?  When last we met I regaled you with the story of ‘the clown’ ex-Polish goalkeeper Jan Tomaszewski who refused to support the Polish National team due to their recruitment of ‘mercenaries’ from other countries to put on the Polish red and white.  Several days ago Tomaszewski was kicked out of the political party he’s an MP for due to his controversial comments.  He told the media that Jaroslaw Kaczynski, head of the largest opposition party in Poland (and whose brother ex-president Lech died two years ago in a tragic plane crash in Russia with 95 other Polish dignitaries  didn’t know anything about football