More teams, more problems

I didn’t see this unfortunately Last week I left off by tying my colours to the mast.  Polonia Warsaw were to be my team in the Polish Ekstraklasa.  But with that decision out of the way, new dilemmas have, somewhat inevitably, emerged.  I faced one of them full in the face yesterday as my English […]

Two very different feelings

So after all the farce of Tuesday night, all the splashing around, all the waiting, Poland-England eventually got under way at 5pm CET.  In the circumstances, spectators in the stadium and at home experienced quite a decent football match, although supporters from the two sides came away with rather different impressions from the night, even […]

Farce, Warsaw style

Well after all the build-up unfortunately we didn’t get to see a football match in Warsaw this evening.  What we did see however was entertaining in its own way.  A game called off in a multi-million dollar stadium with a roof as hapless authorities looked on, fans invading the pitch, referees ‘inspecting’ a pitch that […]

The Wszolek show?

On a rainy and depressing night in Warsaw big-time football is back on the banks of the Vistula.  The summer brought us rare positivity from Poles regarding their ability to organise a successful European event but at the same time disappointment that their team could not get through the group stages and, unfortunately in the […]