The State of European Football, Part one, Turkey

Photo: In Poland recently there has been a feverish debate concerning the reasons for Polish clubs’ failure to get a club into the 2017-8 European group stages.  People have bemoaned pretty much everything from inefficient club scouting systems, to poorly-run academies to short-termism among owners.  In an attempt to wider the focus a bit […]

Sitting in the gutter looking up at the stars? Polish clubs in European competitions

It’s been a rather rough summer for Polish sides in European competitions.  By 3 August  only one club, Legia Warsaw, remains in with a shot of European group stages but even the Polish champions have suffered a fall from grace, being eliminated from the Champions League by the Kazakh champions FC Astana.  In order for […]

Much Adu about nothing, Freddy Adu in Nowy Sącz

It all started with a photo posted on Sandecja Nowy Sącz’s twitter feed on Monday morning.  In it stand two men posing outside of an airport terminal, the small, rather well-built man on the right of the picture is draped in Sandecja’s flag with a wide grin on his face.  The small club from the […]