Brand refresh and RightBankWarsawPredictor


If you follow me on social media you’ll have noticed that there have been some big changes in the world of RightBankWarsaw.  I don’t like the term ‘brand’ but in today’s world freshening up your brand is one way to stand out in the midst of thousands of different things that take up our attention on a day to day level.

As a result, I hooked up with the wonderful Polskielogo to put together a new logo for my Polish football related work.  After a fascinating evening of exchanging ideas, Jakub from Polskielogo went away and came up with four different logos for me to choose from.  Eventually I chose his retro Polish goalkeeper logo, which I am now using on all of my medias.  I’m very happy with the way that it turned out!


In addition, in the spring a web developer got in touch with me regarding the Ekstraklasa predictor that I’ve been doing for the last season and a half, in a rather haphazard but quite successful fashion.  From humble beginnings RightBankwarsawPredictor got 35-37 people to submit predictions weekly towards the end of last season and a total of 83 people to submit at least one weekly set of predictions.

But, as these things do, it took a huge amount of time and effort to remind people to make their predictions, and I had to calculate the scores individually and update the excel spreadsheet each week.  The Web developer took these concerns in mind and produced a really nice looking website – which is easy to use, works on all platforms and has the appropriate algorithm to count everything without hassle.  The website also has a reminder function which sends email reminders to people who have not entered predictions by 20:45 on the night preceding the next round of matches.

Screenshot (494)

The homepage

Screenshot (532)

The leaderboard of

Screenshot (528)

Statistical insights on

We released a week before the season started after a week of testing and the feedback has been amazing! In one week we were able to get 270 sign-ups (we’d have been happy with 100!) and 92% of users submitted their predictions for the first match-week.  We have big plans for the site and are thinking of other ways to make the predicting and gaming experience more fun for fans.  If you have any ideas in this regard, please get in touch!

For the moment, enjoy the game, and if you haven’t sign-up! You can do so at any time in the season, it’s free and prizes can be won!




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