The (digital) road to Euro ’88. Jackie Dziekanowski, Tracksuit manager and me

When I was a little kid, the information that I could access about the world of football was pretty restricted.  There was of course no internet, which meant the main form of gleaning knowledge about football was from Match magazine, Teletext and Clubcall. Indeed, Clubcall once got me into big trouble with my dad, as […]

‘We would have had little to gain’: British insularity and the World Cup 1930-1958

England’s team lines up for their first ever world cup game vs Chile in the 1950 World Cup in Brazil This post is a bit of a departure for the blog.  Instead of Polish football I write here about Britain’s conflicted relationship with the game it created and how this was reflected in their attitude […]

Five reasons to be positive if you’re a Poland fan

Source: After watching Poland’s victory with San Marino tonight I came to realise that things for the national team are not as bad as everyone here is making out.  Here follows a short attempt to break through the layers of negativity which seems to have developed around the national side since Friday’s loss to […]

Two very different feelings

So after all the farce of Tuesday night, all the splashing around, all the waiting, Poland-England eventually got under way at 5pm CET.  In the circumstances, spectators in the stadium and at home experienced quite a decent football match, although supporters from the two sides came away with rather different impressions from the night, even […]