5 things we learned: Poland’s first two Euro 2020 qualifiers

Photo: Wikicommons Poland’s first two Euro 2020 qualifiers are behind us.  Poland got away with two wins, first beating Austria 1-0 in Vienna and then defeating Latvia 2-0 in Warsaw.  What have we learnt from the two games? 1) Poland’s individual strengths should be easily good enough to get them out of the group In […]

Chaos as Poland falls to earth with a bump

It seemed to come completely out of the blue.  Poland, a side that had stormed through the Euro 2016 qualifiers, made it to the quarter finals of the main tournament, qualified again easily for the World Cup, in the top 10 in the world rankings, blessed with world class players like Robert Lewandowski, have somehow […]

Five reasons to be positive if you’re a Poland fan

Source: se.pl After watching Poland’s victory with San Marino tonight I came to realise that things for the national team are not as bad as everyone here is making out.  Here follows a short attempt to break through the layers of negativity which seems to have developed around the national side since Friday’s loss to […]